Ohni: Final Announcement

After long consideration of past events regarding the split and the following creation of a second separate Ohni token, the Ohni team has come to a point where our already strained reputation has finally caught up with our hopes of achieving our goals for the Ohni Project.

This is largely the result of past actions committed by our former CEO Consta Max who has spend a lot of his time tarnishing the Ohni name, hindering the projects advancement and demolishing its public image in the process; we still strongly condemn and distance ourselves from his actions as Ohni CEO.

The situation ahead of us now is one where we simply cannot expect the crypto community to trust any financial prospect led by Ohni,
especially after consideration of aforementioned actions.

The Ohni contract, Discord, and Telegram will stay open and be moderated by a few selected community members.
The Ohni token is free to trade and the Ohni puzzle will be open until it is solved.

We would like to take a moment to thank all of you for your time supporting this project:
Everyone at our team has enjoyed working on this endeavor for as long as it lasted.

All swap donations have been refunded - a big thank you to you once again.

- But not all is lost -

The former leadership and current owners of the Ohni project would like offer the community a chance to succeed where we couldn't:
We are willing to share all Ohni related development resources with a successor team, should there be continuous serious interest in the project.

If interested, please contact ohnicto@gmail.com.
(Disclaimer: This contact address is only for project takeover requests intended; all other questions may go to support@Ohni.us. We will take care of all requests for the time being.)