tl;dr Ohni welcomes a new CEO and you are REQUIRED to update your Ohni to the new blockchain by visiting

To Ohni Holders,

Over the past months I’m sure you have noticed stagnation in our project. We, the Ohni team, have too. After much deliberation, the Ohni Team unanimously agreed that the only thing holding us back has been the ineffective leadership of our current CEO, Max.

The executive staff has expressed our feelings to Max many times and we recently sent him an elaborate letter stating our feelings and we gave him the option of either resigning completely or to change his role in the project to an advisory one. One of the major reasons we sent this letter is due to the fact that a few weeks prior, he expressed that he was thinking about shutting down Ohni because he thought Ohni would not succeed. He rejected both offers, and as such for the survival of Ohni every member of the unanimously voted to force Max to step down as CEO of the project.

This was not done out of personal animosity to him, and we thank him for his extensive contributions so far to the success of Ohni. However, after a string of impulsive decisions, general lack of motivation, and ability in both the leadership and being able to represent the project, his removal was the only way to secure our future success. We have offered Max a role in the project as an advisory position as well as a share of Ohni. His future in Ohni is now solely up to himself.

Due to Max not handing over control of the legacy Ohni blockchain we have created a new contract on the Ethereum blockchain. We also registered a new domain name, and hope to gain control of our legacy domain through a dispute with our domain registrar. This new contract will add new features, and requires you to copy your Ohni balance at the time of this posting. We also lowered the supply of Ohni due to community recommendation. This means your balance will divide by ten which will also multiply the price by ten. We plan on listening to our community even more from this point forward.

We will host a livestream on 3-11-2018 at 10:00 pm GMT where anyone can ask any questions along with giving feedback to the new COO of Ohni, Paul. We will also be giving away Ohni throughout the stream. The stream will be posted on YouTube within an hour of the ending time.

We will also be restructuring Ohni in many ways. First of all we plan to recognize our team. We plan to create four different levels of staff and a voting system to get all staff opinion. Level 0 is our executives, James, Ohni CEO, Barretso, Ohni CEA, and Paul, Ohni COO. We will all have equal power so that we can keep ecotehr in check. Level 1 will be our officers, Gnosis, Ohni CFO, Cray, Ohni CDO, Hans Chans, CMO. Level 2 will be all of our other current staff members. Level 3 will be reserved for any future staff members who can apply through the Ohni Recruitment Telegram group. We will launch our mobile app into beta by the end of March along with a new website and a month later we will release it into production. We will have a new ICO and crowdsale with more details coming soon.

We will soon release our first progress update in restructuring the role of the new Ohni team along with a complete roadmap of all that we will accomplish within the next three months. Finally, we plan to release monthly press releases on the first of every month with updates about the progress. We feel that all of these changes will make Ohni a much better project and help it succeed sooner. We hope you understand our reasoning behind our actions and stick along for the ride to the moon!

For now we welcome our new CEO, James, CEA, Barretso, and our COO, Paul. For any questions or comments please email


Thank you,

Ohni Marches On.

~ The Ohni Team