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tl;dr We will swap all remaining balances without requiring you to do anything. If you already swapped, we will multiply your balance by 10. We need gas money to carry out this process.


Ohni Holders,

To everyone that has swapped their Ohni, thank you. We appreciate you believing in us.

To everyone else, we apologize for any complications you may have experienced in this swapping process.

We are constantly listening to our community and pay lots of attention to your feedback. We strive to making your feedback a reality. One of our most recent and major changes was about our supply. Since the early days of Ohni, we had many people requesting that the supply was lower. When we were given the decision of the supply on the new contract, we ultimately decided to change it to 1 billion. While this divided all balances by 10, we expect it to make each Ohni 10 times more valuable.

After much deliberation, the Ohni Team had decided to make two major changes to the swapping process and contract. Within the coming weeks, we will begin manually swapping all wallets that hold a balance on the Ohni 1.0 puzzle as of 5/31/2018. To those who have already swapped, do not worry. We have a surprise for you. We will make your balance back to its original state by multiplying by 10!

Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to cover the gas costs of all these transactions. We have set up a donation address where you can send funds to help us! Anything and everything helps. You will receive Ohni back for your donation.

Because we want to continue being transparent with all things Ohni, you will find the funds needed below:

We need to make 7,000 transactions. We estimate each transaction will cost 0.0001 ETH which totals 0.7 ETH in total. Once we hit our goal of 0.7 ETH, we will begin swapping tokens. We expect this to take no longer than month. You can send donations to 0xdf00b893eD255cF159d06e51e6a6eD316D2eae63.

For any questions, please PM James on Telegram @ohniceo



The Ohni Team