Ohni has exceeded our goals and as promised our airdrop take place during the month of August. We will limit it to 3,000 applicants and Ohni will do the airdrop in 3 waves of 1,000 applicants per wave. They will start at random times during the month of August and the sooner you claim your Ohni, the more you receive! We will announce each wave 15 minutes prior to the starting time on our Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and BitcoinTalk ANN. If gas prices allow, we will run this as an automatic instant airdrop. If gas prices do not allow, please expect your Ohni by the end of August. If it still has not arrived, please open a help desk ticket at Please help Ohni continue growing!

If Ohni has 1,700 members in our Telegram group, 125 members on Discord, and 200 Twitter followers by August 1st, 2018, Ohni will do our final automatic* airdrop before our ICO and app launch! Spread the word! 14 days left!

You can also get paid for your help on growing the Ohni army! Apply for a bounty at today!

*The transaction will be submitted to the blockchain immediately, it will take time for the transaction to be mined. Ohni may switch the automatic airdrop to an airdrop where you must wait if gas prices are high.