The Ohni team would like to show you all the work we have done in the past months so we will compile most of it into this update!


First of all, we want to thank our community for helping us grow and reaching our social media goals a week early! As promised, our airdrop take place during the month of August. We will limit it to 3,000 applicants and Ohni will do the airdrop in 3 waves of 1,000 applicants per wave. They will start at random times during the month of August and the sooner you claim your Ohni, the more you receive! We will announce each wave 15 minutes prior to the starting time on our Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and BitcoinTalk ANN. Please help Ohni continue growing!


Second, let’s talk about the progress on the International Blockchain Foundation. Ohni has reached out to many cryptocurrencies and other partners and we have quite a few on board and we will announce those when we launch our IBF website.


Next, Ohni is working non stop on perfecting our white paper which will be released soon. We will also create a short video explaining Ohni, the Ohni Network, and the IBF. Our Pre-ICO will launch within the coming weeks with a 2,000% bonus over our ICO. It will be very limited with a hard cap of $25,000. Our ICO will then launch a later with a much larger cap but higher price.  We have also opened a new help desk to offer support in a much more efficient manner. You can create a ticket at or by Tweeting or direct messaging @OhniHelps on Twitter.


Finally, the Ohni App. Our development team has been working hard since the start of July on the Ohni App. In the 29 days of development, we have reached many milestones that could take other teams over a year to complete. We are aiming for a working prototype by the middle of September, with the public alpha will start in October. From there we will have a public beta in the middle of November with a projected public release for December 31st, 2018. The Ohni App will introduce a one of a kind features that no exchange uses. It will make trading even easier, safer and flexible. Stay tuned for what this feature will be! Here is a teaser:


While we have said our app will be the only fully decentralized exchange, at launch there will be a few centralized aspects of the app but we will decentralize those soon after the launch. Here is a graphical explanation:


To conclude, the Ohni Team has been working non stop. We know we have not been very open about the work and that is because we need to make sure we protect our work. We have started talking to attorneys but can not do all of the necessary tasks needed until we have the necessary funds from our Pre-ICO. After that, we will make our code open source and everyone can see the daily progress. We apologize for this. We will continue to release our progress as much as we can for the time being.


We appreciate your loyalty to Ohni and look forward to the road ahead, together with you.


The Ohni Team