The Ohni App is a decentralized exchange dedicated to keeping your funds safe and sound. Instead of using a backbone server like all other DEXs, Ohni will implement our backbone directly onto the Ethereum blockchain. This eliminates any middlemen between the consumer and blockchain therefore preventing hacks and downtime. This system also makes the Ohni DEX the first and only truly decentralized exchange.

All users holding the Ohni token will get exactly one vote to vote on any changes. During the development phase of Ohni, all votes will take place on a temporary smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. By asking for feedback often, the community will help guide us to making the product they want and deserve. Eventually, the Ohni blockchain will implement a voting system that will manage itself. Ohni is creating this self sustaining voting system for processes like adding a new token to the Ohni Exchange. This voting system is another step towards become fully decentralized.

Ohni is dedicated to making sure until we accomplish full decentralization, we are as transparent as we can be with our community while still maintaining internal integrity. The Ohni Team plans to post weekly updates along with monthly Q&A live streams and press releases. By listening to our community, we can make the product our they want and deserve. We are always accepting new feedback on our contact page or in our Telegram.


Ohni wishes to maintain and improve user data rights and security universally.

Community Driven

A secure and open sourced system designed around user feedback.


Promoting a fast a reliable network to users worldwide.


Connecting everyone around the world together via a blockchain based tool.

Open Source

Ohni strives to be open and will be open source in all of our development.


The Ohni Blockchain and App will be specifically designed to be compatible with all devices.

Team Members

Ohni has over twenty team members working hard every day, for you. Want to join the team? Click here.